ClickStream Technologies

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Introducing ClickStream Technologies' Blog

Welcome to ClickStream Technologies' very first blog. We hope this space will allow us to explore new ideas and share the ones we already have. As a basic introduction, we should share with you a little about ClickStream Technologies and what we do:

ClickStream Technologies aims to advance existing market research techniques with customized Internet-based technologies that embrace both quantitative and qualitative strategies. Our innovative ClickSight technology was conceived by CEO Cameron Turner and a team of classmates at Oxford University, where he completed his MBA, after spending eight years at Microsoft conducting data analysis. ClickStream Technologies is based in Berkeley, California, a city that provides a unique business environment combining technology, academia and a focus on individuality.

The purpose of this blog is to explore our aforementioned ClickSight technology's breadth of opportunities and applications. Here's a brief descriptions of ClickSight:

How It Works: In a typical ClickStream Technologies survey, hundreds of particpants agree to download ClickSight™ onto their computers after completing a survey to determine if their computer behavior fits within the scope of our client’s study. After installation, ClickSight reports information that allows ClickStream Technologies to survey use of all the applications installed on the computer. Clients gain information about use of their application, their competitors’ applications, and installed but unused elements of applications. Our team of experienced analysts at ClickStream Technologies use this data to provide suggestions for growth, marketing strategy, and eliminating inefficiencies in the development process.

How about using ClickSight to improve online customer service? Or shopping?
Or how could it improve a pet peeve of yours about a software app?